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Big Forest

"Big Forest" - it is the eternity theme of the artist, Morihiro Okamoto.


The time and some days, I have got an great opportunity when I had been spending the days since

I started to explored and researching of my directionality for art work what I would to do.


The Grand master Kukai (A.D. 774-835), who was also known the founder of the Shingon, school of Buddism- since I got to know about his whole life I had have a huge interesting and an admiration to this historical genius, so then I was blessed with that the time to touch on his great ideas and minds through the ruins in Todai-ji or Toji in Kyoto city in Japan.


At there, I looked at a Fudo Myoou(Acala) on the soiled mandala in a solemn auditorium during visiting. 

It reminded me that the the fang of the stag beetle that I had been bred for a long time.


I discover a source stimulating for my imagination there.

It is the inspiration to a relation with life and the space.


So I found the fundamentals of my original stylethat the richly-

colored was born with unique style blending organic and nature colors.


A cocoon of the stag beetle which is a symbol of the the unripe life that

it is indicated to in the trees(= Mandala) on the works.


That is also an expression of the case that Fudo Myoou exists,

and my work production which of the eternal theme “ the grove (the universe) “ has started it as well.


I express the crack of the giant tree as a symbol of "Forest" and the cocoon lives in the trees

as the symbol of it is so called "Big Forest".

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